Mind Matters Therapy

Lindsay Lee P.G.Dip. Psych.Couns
MBACP Senior Accred. Counsellor
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Many people struggle with emotional problems that occur within their increasingly fraught lifestyles.

Sometimes, it is these pressures i.e. within family, relationships or work, that stress us out or cause a lot of anxiety. Occasionally, this can add to an underlying issue that has not been attended to or resolved previously.

Counselling is provided in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment in which you can explore and verbalise your thoughts and emotions in privacy and in confidence.

Recognising you need support by seeking a counsellor or therapist is hard, but could be the most positive step towards understanding yourself or moving on from a difficult situation.

LindsayMind Matters Therapy is a flexible and dynamic counselling service provided by a qualified senior counsellor.

My past life experiences,both sad and joyful, all help to contribute to the qualities I have to offer as a Counsellor.I have had over 18  years of working professionally; A collaborative approach with conversation, listening and other more creative methods is used.   

Based in Clevedon and also, working from Weston Super Mare, I offer an integrated therapy which can assist clients in dealing with a wide variety of issues, from abuse to work-related anxiety.

Mind Matters Therapy is open to people from any background, culture, lifestyle or organisation.

“My life is now richer, fuller, brighter, calmer and more importantly, stable. I would not have been able to get here without your guidance, trust and understanding and I can honestly say that taking the decision to come and see you was one of the best decisions I have made.”  J.H., Bristol